Welcome to Beit Juhuro Cultural Education Center!


This is a place where Gorsky Jews come to network, learn Torah, Jewish history, study Juhuri language [language of our fathers], pray to Hodo, and grow together with other like-minded Kavkazi Jews.


Beit Juhuro offers a unique opportunity for people to develop, fulfill their spiritual needs, make new friends, and contribute to the fastest growing organization that serves Gorsky Jews.


It all started in May of 2014​​ with a class of 7 people called Gorsky Wednesday. Now we have four weekly classes, holiday celebrations, cultural events, and a popular YouTube channel that is watched all over the world.


Beit Juhuro center is benevolently housed by Syrian congregation  Bnei Yaakov. Rabbi Yaakov Farhi opened the doors of his synagogue to welcome Kavkazi Jews and he continues to generously accommodate our growing need to expend. 


Beit Juhuro aims to attain 3 major goals:



  • To preserve the unique culture of Gorsky Jews by teaching Juhuri language.

  • To enable young professionals from Kavkazi community to network and socialize on regular basis.

  • To educate and inspire Gorsky Jews of New York though meaningful and relevant weekly classes. 

Join Beit Juhuro and connect to your roots!

Our Address:

630 Avenue S Brooklyn New York 11223

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