Launching of "Power Up Thursdays"

April 4, 2015


Young Juhuro, full of energy and enthusiasm, gathered together on Thursday, April 16 to launch a revolutionary educational project- “Power Up Thursdays”. Room was filled with excitement when Rabbi Uri Nahum started his presentation. What we expected to be a Torah class was actually more of an insightful conversation. Rabbi Nahum asked every person in the room what that person would like to learn, what are the topics that are on the students’ minds? This is a very risky move, most rabbis come with a prepared class and teach the topic they know well. Rabbi Nahum is so knowledgeable that he can take this risk. Guys chose to study subject of marriage and ethics. 


And so it was…


That night we were immersed into the refreshing waters of Torah wisdom. We learned about King Hizzkiya who didn’t want to marry because he saw in prophetic vision that an evil son will come from him. We discovered that prophet Hoshea married a prostitute and then had to divorce her few years later, all by Almighty’s commandment. Rabbi Nahum draw sharp parallels between the life of a bachelor and a life of a head of household, the responsibilities and the rewards associated with the later. We were traveling from the ancient Jewish history into 2015, drawing life changing conclusions and shaping opinions on essential topics. WE ALL FELT POWERED UP spiritually and practically! 


Thank you Rabbi Nahum, we are looking forward to next Thursday.


After a short break we returned to hear from Viktor Abayev, the founder of Tovushi, Cultural center and magazine. Viktor told us about his journey as an immigrant, the challenges he encountered, and success he was able to achieve. From working in the restaurant and as a cab driver living the American dream and becoming an achieved entrepreneur. He encouraged young people to obtain college education. Viktor also discussed possible source of funding for small business. Thank you Mr. Abayev for an inspiring presentation.




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