Kabbala and music, Wild Kavkazi and Chassidic dancing

April 8, 2015


It was supposed to be a class about Kabbala and music, with some singing of Sephardic songs and some LeChaims. Instead, it turned into a spontaneous charge of positive energy, accompanied by Lezginka and Chassidic dancing.


Rabbi Tamir Zaltsman brought a guitar and taught us about origins of music in Torah, while singing alone beautiful Jewish tunes. He also explained how 5 levels of our soul are effected by music. Very few people are as qualified as Rabbi Tamir to talk about the subject. He is a Torah scholar and a musician as well. We are very lucky that he honored us by conducting this session.




Wonderful, kosher for Passover food and drinks sponsored by David Azayev kept everyone satiated and tipsy. Andrey Davidov brought in his tarbuka (a type of drum, that will make even the shy people move and dance).


Rambam Agababayev really made the evening by his amazing and skillful playing. He feels his audience and 


knows exactly how to make them party. What was unexpected is giving typical Chassidic songs an eastern spin, oh it was beautiful! Followed by Gorsky style karaoke. Albert Pinhasov and Yerahmiel Yevdaev took turns in singing popular Jewish songs.


The evening was over but people stayed and stayed. Close to midnight the organizers had to push people out because they wouldn’t leave otherwise.


The event is over, but the memories and warm feelings of spirituality and friendship it created will stay for a long time!




Connect to your roots for 1 hour a week!


Join us every Wednesday to network, to learn, to socialize with other Kavkazi Jews.


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8:00 p.m.


Gorsky Wednesday Project



April 8, 2015




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