Every day I was telling myself today is the last day (Power Up Thursdays)

June 4, 2015



"Rabbi! So tell me, should I learn more Torah???


Isn’t it better to know less, because then I would have to keep less? Should I learn more Torah and as a result would be forced to change my life even though I am not ready?" - asked one of the students.


Gorsky guys are not afraid to ask the tough questions. No wonder they call it Power Up Thursdays, there is always so much energy, questioning, discussing. 

Well, Rabbi Nahum is a perfect fit for our guys. He does not shy away from answers, he does not switch the topic.

"Put it in your pocket, and when are you ready, take it out. Learn the information, consider it, debate it, digest it. Besides the fact, what makes you think you are not responsible to observe the commandments just because you don't know all the details?! if you had the opportunity to find out and you didn’t, you are responsible for not knowing and for not observing."



Rabbi Nahum continued to stress the importance of small change.  



Mitzvah goreret Mitzvah which means, "one good deed leads to another", start with something you can do. If, for example, you smoke 10 cigarettes on Shabbath, cut-down to 7 and stick to it...



Rabbi always explained that there are 3 ways to connect to Hashem:


  1. Torah study - The world cannot go on for even for 1 second without learning Torah.

  2. Prayer-Learn to talk to God, even if you need help finding a parking spot, if you really mean it, Hashem will answer you.

  3. Acts of kindness-Know that when you help others you also become closer to God.


The entrepreneur of the week was Benny Azizov. Benny kindly agreed to speak on a very short notice. 


My philosophy: always give people the best food even if you don’t make money"-explained Benny. After all he knows what he is talking about, one of the most successful catering businesses in NY, Benny made his way from busboy to business owner. Truly a pride of Gorsky Jews.



Mr. Azizov explained to the new generation the importance of business ethics: "I make it very easy for people to work with me, I am open and straight forward,  people are smart, don’t think you are smarter then them eventually it will hurt you."




He came to USA by himself, and started off as a busboy. Benny wanted to buy the pizza business but he didn’t have  the money, so he bought on credit. It took 2 years until the business became profitable, "every day I was telling myself today is the last day." 




If you put your heart to it and you are persistent you will eventually succeed.




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