January @ Beit Juhuro

February 1, 2018


Another month has passed by, and just like a great accountant keeps the books in a proper order to maintain a healthy and a flourishing enterprise, we at Beit Juhuro are planning to share with our readers and members our monthly accomplishments and aspirations for the future.


The month of January was filled with many Torah classes, great company of friends, delicious food, and a warm atmosphere.


We resumed our Juhuri classes with Ehiel Mordekhaev who worked together with us on the curriculum.


Our fundraising efforts continue to pay off thanks to many generous and caring people in our community and the hard work of our team.


New people joined our community and have enjoyed the weekly classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Our core team is as solid and dedicated as ever before to the mission of Beit Juhuro.


We kept enhancing our programs, tried new things and planned many events for the month of February.






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January @ Beit Juhuro

February 1, 2018

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