March @ Beit Juhuro

April 2, 2018

It has been a month filled with happy occasions.
Mazal Tov to our president Izzy Ildatov on his marriage as well as to Rabbi Ephraim Ilyaguev on his birthday! 


Our member Dima Azayev has graciously provided the space at Hanna Z Adult Care Center to celebrate Rabbi Ilyaguev's birthday with the members of Beit Juhuro.  A karaoke night, lezginka dancing, delicious food and lechaims made up a fun and entertaining evening. 


At the Grosky Wednesday program in preparation for Passover, we covered the exodus from Egypt and the 10 plagues with a passionate class discussion with the attendees.

Rabbi Zitron conducted a mock Seder so that each person could conduct the Sedarim properly in their house and fulfill the Mitzvah of telling the story of Yetziat Mizraim (exodus from Egypt).

In collaboration with several Gorsky-Kavkazi organizations overseas, we have hosted a commemoration event that celebrated the accomplishments of Zaur Gilalov and the contribution that he has made to the Gorsky-Kavkazi community worldwide.

People who knew Zaur personally, came from different countries to share their stories and explain the significance of the groundwork that Zaur have made towards the unity of the gorsky community after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the mass immigration to various countries.

In conclusion, our Gorsky Wednesday, Inspiration Tuesday, and Ladies first classes continued to attract more people from our community. Our Rabbis put a lot of effort into the preparation for each class and the fruits of their labor are bringing amazing results.


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