April @ Beit Juhuro

May 1, 2018

We had a group meeting in which we met with the leaders of the synagogue on Ave C and discussed the opioid abuse among the young adult members of the Gorsky community in Brooklyn. We made a decision to create a series of seminars to raise awareness among the parents on how to recognize the early signs of addiction as well as options for treatment. We feel that this is a very sensitive topic and an issue that hasn't bypassed our community, and needs to be addressed to the best of our abilities.

We had the opportunity to welcome Rabbi Mizrachi and Rabbi Binsky to Beit Juhuro for the first time.
Rabbi Mizrachi's class was in English and addressed what he sees as the modern problems of the Jewish and Orthodox communities in New York and specifically in Brooklyn. Rabbi Mizrachi's unique approach at times created heated discussions on subjects such as the role of women in Jewish Orthodox communal life, and the breadth and limits that modern prominent Rabbis possess in their interpretation of the Torah to be aligned with modern scientific discoveries.

Furthermore, Rabbi Mizrachi discussed the drug and opioid addiction among the young generation of various Jewish communities in New York, intermarriage and its detrimental effect to the future of Judaism in America.

The class lasted until midnight and kept many glued to their seats not to miss their opportunity to ask a question or hear the Rabbi's answers to a wide array of questions from the audience.

In conclusion of the event we thanked Rabbi Mizrachi for coming all the way from Monsey to give a class at Beit Juhuro Cultural Center.

Rabbi Binsky gave a class that focused on the importance of learning and observing the laws of Torah and how it affects the essence of a human being.

Rabbi Binsky gave numerous examples from the Torah that demonstrated the exemplary qualities and outstanding character traits of our forefathers that we could use as the guide to traverse through the challenges our daily life and modern societal norms present as well as how to properly behave and communicate with others according to the timeless values of Judaism. That as a sum of its parts, should result in an elevated spiritual state of a human being which is based on true and eternal values of the Torah as opposed to temporary, superfluous and at times superficial values that modern society tries to impose on us.

We are full  of hope and belief that a step in the right direction will lead to a better future for our community and the young generation.














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