Gorsky Shabbaton @ Woodmere

May 25, 2018

The Gorsky Shabbaton in North Woodmere was a major achievement!

It took weeks of preparation and was made possible with the help of our good friend Joe Golovanoff, congregation Or Torah, Rabbi Eliyahu, Zohar Laven, and support of Josh Zucker!

Our team worked very hard to make the program organized, exciting and meaningful.

This is how it was: We participated in a beautiful services conducted at Or Torah’s Sephardic minyan and listened to words of wisdom from Hacham Eliyahu. Close to 40 Gorsky Jews (and not only) gathered on Friday night in the synagogue’s stunning wedding hall to enjoy each other’s company, catered meals, and a sense of unity that we are all longing for. "It was an experience" noticed one of the attendees. It truly was an experience, we all felt like at home. After the meal, full of singing and words of Torah, we got together in the smaller and a more intimate room. Tables were full of deserts, fruits, snacks and sweets. Over tea and coffee we played some games like “mafia” or “what would you rather”. Before everyone noticed it was way pass 1 a.m…time flies when you are having fun!


On Saturday we ate at people’s houses so we can get to know the community and experience Shabbat in North Woodmere all the way. The seudot were followed by outdoor walks, activities and classes in the beit knesset. The Shabbat ended in Abramovitz’s house with lovely musical havdala. Thank you all who made this Shabbaton possible! Hashem should bless you and your families 100 fold! Here are some remarks from the post-Shabbaton survey we conducted: “I love spending shabbat in a quiet place that is very welcoming. I enjoyed the shabbaton with my fellow Jews and had great conversations.” “I was impressed on how organized it was.” “Keep doing what you doing. You guys are the best.” “Hope to look forward to more events like this” .

Thank you for the feedback guys! Next Shabbaton in Monsey, stay tuned for more details! support Beit Juhuro to enable us to make many more events like.








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