May @ Beit Juhuro

June 19, 2018


We had a lot of classes in the month of May on many interesting topics.
Rabbi Farhi gave a class on the holiday of Lag Baomer, while Rabbi Ronen Shaulov addressed and answered questions on various topics.
Rabbi Zitron gave classes on the holiday of Shavuot and a series of classes on Judaism's uniqueness and authenticity among the world's religions.

Like in the previous years, Beit Juhuro has hosted an all night learning program for Shavuot with food, desserts, Torah classes and learning with a Chavruta.

Special thanks to Dmitry Azayev and Hanna Z Adult day care center for sponsoring the Shavuot program 4th year in a row. Hashem should bless his business, him and his family with much success and abundance!
Rabbi Ephraim Ilyaguev gave weekly classes on Wednesdays on the Humash as well as laws of Shabbat.
He also gave a special class on Gorsky customs whose origins can be found in the Torah and shared them with the audience that was present as well as watching live on Facebook which generated a lot of positive feedback and online discussions.
Part 2 in what might become a series of classes is already in the works. 

We also celebrated the birthday of our beloved member Slavik Yakubov who has been with Beit Juhuro since its inception. We are grateful for his continuous support and presence in our classes.

We would like to thank Yossi and Sveta Shamilov for their generous donation to Beit Juhuro of a new video camera and accessories for a shiduch of their children Nahum Ben Yosef and Matetyahu Itzhak Ben Yosef, and also for a Refua Shlema of Shimon Ben Roza and Lida Leah bat Tzeilo, as well as in the memory of Don Ben maasi and Lena bat Min-Tov.



Рав Ронен Шаулов в Бейт Джууро



Gorsky Wednesday Class and
Birthday of Slavik Yakubov


Shopping for Shavuot



Rabbi Farhi On Lag Baomer


Rabbi Ephraim Ilyaguev
Customs of Gorsky Jews




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