July @ Beit Juhuro

August 7, 2018

After a pause of several months, we have resumed the Juhuri language classes with our teacher Ehiel Mardakhayev. Every class brings with it not only the knowledge but also a flavor of our culture and interesting discussions and questions.

On 4th of July  we held a special breakfast and a class to get together, learn and grow.

Rabbi Zitron continued the Tuesday classes for men and Thursday classes for the ladies. A video from one of the classes can be find below.

After long planning and cooperative work with several organizations, we organized a drug awareness event - Day of Safety in our community where professional speakers and experts in this field explained what preventative measures to take and how to spot an unusual behavior related to early drug use.  The full article about this event can be found Here. Below you can watch the video.


Mazal Tov To:
Sevi & Erica Avishalom on the birth of a baby girl.

Happy Birthday To:
Beit Juhuro president Izzy Ildatov, and our old time member David Shalumov.

Wishing Refua Shlema To Our Members:
Slavik ben Roza  
Yechiel ben Zohav

This Month's Sponsors:
Sergey Shmuel Ifraimov
Leonid Rakhanayev
Stan Isayev
Sevi & Erica Avishalom  


Safety day for the Gorsky Jewish youth of Brooklyn


Ehiel Mardakhayev
Juhuri Class - Numbers and Counting

Rabbi Ephraim Ilyaguev
Gorsky Wednesday - Parashat Vayera names of God



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