August @ Beit Juhuro

September 5, 2018

August at Beit Juhuro was filled with many events, speakers and classes. Rav Ronen Shaulov visited us from Israel and gave a powerful and inspiring talk about loving each other and being considerate of your fellow's feelings as to not to hurt him with a faulty speech and lashon hara.


We had a class and a presentation about the Medical Cannabis Industry. On Power Up Thursday, Rav Nahum gave a class about it and we had two speakers who spoke about the business opportunities in the Medical Cannabis field.


We had the pleasure of hearing a class by Rav RavAshi Adinyaguev, who was one of the initial backers and supporters of Beit Juhuro and Gorsky Wednesday Program.


Rav Menachem Edri visited Beit Juhuro from Israel and gave a class in Hebrew. He shared his life story of how he turned his life around when his life was on the edge.


There was an great women's event organized by Marina Mishiyeva together with Beit Juhuro. Rabbi Binsky, a well know scholar and community activist gave an interactive class about Raising Children in a proper manner.


Professor Chen Bram from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, an Ethnographer of Gorsky-Kavkazi Jews gave an amazing presentation about the history and destiny of Gorsky-Kavkazi Jews during World War II. He traveled to Kavkaz during the early, mid and late 90's and interviewed people in Israel and the U.S with the purpose of gathering as much information as possible and document the Jewish life and conditions during German Occupation, as well as living in Kavkaz among Christian and Muslim neighbors and the integration of Gorsky-Kavkazi Jews into the Israeli community after the mass immigration in the 90's.


Finally, Rabbi Ephraim Ilyaguev gave a class on Rosh Hashanah as a preparation for the High Holidays season.

Wishing Refua Shlema To Our Members:

Slavik ben Roza

Yechiel ben Zohav


This Month's Sponsors:

Sergey Shmuel Ifraimov

Leonid Rakhanayev

Stan Isayev

Sevi & Erica Avishalom

Rav Ronen Shaulov at Beit Juhuro

Rabbi Ephraim Ilyaguev
Gorsky Wednesday Rosh Hashanah

Women's event at Beit Juhuro

Professor Chen Bram From Hebrew University

Rav Menahem Edri at Beit Juhuro

RavAshi Adinyaguev Gorsky Wednesday

Power Up Thursday by Rabbi Nahum - Medical Marijuana

Business Opportunities in Medical Cannabis Industry



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