October @ Beit Juhuro

November 7, 2018

On the evening of October 30th, about 60 young girls and women gathered at Beit Juhuro Educational Center for Afrashat Chalah.

The evening was organized by activists of the Beit Juhuro center: Polina Isakova, Ziva Gurshumova, Nana Rabaev, and Sapir Banil. It was one of the largest women's events in the history of the Gorsky Brooklyn community. The organization and funding of the event was fully provided by volunteers and activists of the Beit Juhuro Center, and thanks to that we were able to make it completely free for the participants. The participants represented different age categories and cities of the Caucasus.


On October 18th, we had Farewell Party for Rabbi Uri Nahum. For many years Rabbi Uri Nahum was inspiring us with his precious Torah knowledge. Every person that took part in PowerUp Thursday program joined us for the event, this tells a lot about Rabbi Nahum! He wasn’t only a great teacher, but also became a good friend. He impacted our lives above and beyond any descriptions. To many of us he is a teacher, mentor and a Rebbi who guides us on a daily basis and we were blessed to have him at Beit Juhuro.


Rabbi Zitron gave classes on: Free Will, 613 Mitzvoth, and Dead sea scrolls.


October Sponsors: 

Iftah Ilyaguev 
Simon Mardakhayev and  family
Albert Pinhasov
Natan Nisimov
Victoria Khanukova
Mirabella Khanukova
Julia Khanukova
Rufat Shimshon Yusupov
Regina Avshalumova
Kevin Mardakhayev

Tolik Ashurov



       Rabbi Ephraim Ilyaguev - Gorsky Wednesday







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