November @ Beit Juhuro

December 1, 2018


This November Beit Juhuro offered many interesting classes and uplifting events.


A special Rosh Chodesh Kislev dinner was organized together with the Gorsky Wednesday class on November 7th. The month of Kislev was filled with the joy and light of Chanukkah. Beit Juhuro members sponsored the event. 


Together with your help on Friday night of November 16th we had a chance to create an awesome Shabbat dinner. There was delicious food, a great atmosphere, and of course an amazing company. 

Moreover, we were honored to host Rabbi Benzion Moshe Laskin, who is known for being one of the best Russian speakers, in Beit Juhuro. He spoke at the Ladies Gathering Together event that took place on November 18th. Rabbi Laskin gave an inspring and educational class followed by delicious lunch. Afterwards, the ladies joined for a group prayer.

Another highlight of the month was that  Rabbi Ronen Shaulov came to share his words of wisdom with us on November 21st. We had a great opportunity to ask questions and receive helpful answers. Everyone really enjoyed!





Rabbi Ephraim Ilyaguev - Gorsky Wednesday












                             Rabbi Zitron - Ladies First Class














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