December @ Beit Juhuro

February 1, 2019


On December 6th Beit Juhuro organized a Chanukah Party for the ladies. We were happy to see everyone at the long awaited get together. It was a wonderful event that was put together by a team of dedicated volunteers and activist Marina Mishieva.

We had the honor of hearing from a well-known lecturer within the Russian Jewish community - Nehama Nesya Rosenstein. The event started with introductory words by Rabbi Ephraim Ilyaguev and transitioned into a communal prayer and reading of Tehillim.

Mrs. Rosenstein is the president of international organization "Apiryon". The topic was "Key to happiness is in your hands". Since “Happiness Question” is something that we all face in our day-to-day lives, everyone was able to relate and gain from the speech.






December 28th, we had a Shabbaton with Rabbi Gabriel Davidov. As Jewish people, we really value Shabbat, especially when everyone gets together. Therefore, we try to make Shabbatons every month and December was no exception. It was very educational and insightful. Unlike our typical Shabbatons this was smaller and intimate, people got a chance to interact and relax.

On Tuesday, December 9th, Beit Juhuro together with RAJE has successfully launched a leadership fellowship program. The leadership program is a strategic partnership with RAJE. It consists of 20 weekly  sessions + hands on community projects which will be executed and presented by the fellows at the end of the fellowship. The goal of each project is to make a significant impact on the Gorsky community in the U.S.A and beyond. 
It took us weeks of intense planning and preparation to commence the program and the challenge to keep it running successfully requires continuous commitment.
We would like to express our gratitude to Rabbi Katzin, Ricky Cohen, and Ilana Chaskey for playing a major role in this endeavor.

We had a privilege to start our program with a successful businessman Ricky Cohen who shares with the students his vast experience, the role Judaism plays in his outlook on life, business matters, and the tremendous creative value of a human being and the Jewish nation in particular.



Fellowship Launching Program @ Beit Juhuro



Rabbi Ephraim Ilyaguev 
Gorsky Wednesday -  Miketz
Laws of Shabbat - Kosher(tying a knot)


Ravashi Adinyaguev - Chanukkah

Rabbi Yehoshua Zitron
How to Debate an Atheist
Foundation of Faith



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