April @ Beit Juhuro

May 29, 2019

In April we gathered to learn together, enjoyed many memorable events and celebrated the uplifting holiday of Pessach!

The first event that Beit Juhuro hosted in April was a special pre-Pessach class for our ladies given by Rabbi Benzion Laskin. He spoke about the Exodus and helped us to prepare spiritually for the upcoming

Pessach. The class was followed by reading Tehillim, a communal prayer and of course delicious refreshments.

For the Second Seder everyone was invited to join us at Beit Juhuro. The Seder was lead by Rabbi Ephraim. What can be better than to celebrate, communicate and grow together with our Community members. We thank everyone for coming!

During Chold Hamoed Pessach at one of the Gorsky Wednesdays we welcomed the famous Kavkazi musician Izrail Ifraimov in Beit Juhuro. While listening to Gorsky Music we enjoyed delicious food and drank a few Lechaims.

Last but no least, we would like to thank everyone for the donations! We were able to buy new Siddurim and Hagadot for Pessach and also fixed books that were falling apart. Now we are looking forward for an other exiting month at Beit Juhuro!

After a long break and with tremendous Hakarat Hatov, Beit Juhuro is now able to host daily Shacharit parayers again. We invite all men to join the Minyan at 7:15, followed by breakfast. Start of your day at Beit Juhuro!




In the Month of April we were honored to hear from the best speakers Rabbi Yaakov Farhi and RavAshi Adinyaguev. They enlightened our Leadership - Fellowship classes with inspiring words and  wise advises.


            Rabbi Farhi

RavAshi Adinyaguev
Gorsky Wednesday with Izrael Yefraimov
Rabbi Yehoshua Zitron 
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