October @ Beit Juhuro

November 12, 2019


October at Beit Juhuro was filled with meaningful speeches, important Jewish holidays and some partying in Gorsky style.


We celebrated Jewish New Year,

we fasted and prayed on the day of judgement, Yom Kippur,

we celebrated Sukkot,

we celebrated Simchat Torah,

AND conducted a Brachot (blessings) party.


From the beginning of Elul until Yom Kippur we recited Selihot, the traditional forgiveness prayers, together at Beit Juhuro.

On one midnight after Shabbat we hosted a large, 6th annual Sephardic Sehilot event.

After a beautiful dinner with Lechaims, we performed the Kapparot ritual together and asked Hashem to anull all our vows made during the last year. It was a truly inspiring experience.

A special thank you goes to Dmitry Azayev, who generously sponsored the event!










This month's Gorsky Wednesday's were sponsored by Senya Khizgilov and Radmila Daniloff in memory of her father Yuri Yono ben Hazne, may his memory be for a blessing. May Hashem bless you and your families!


Shashlik, Plof and Kutabi were served, among other delicious Gorsky foods. The topic of the class (conducted in Russian) was "Shabbat candles, laws and symbolism" and was open for men and women. 


We wish to offer our condolences to Slavik and Sasha Yakubov on passing of their mother, Roza Yakubova. May the entire family be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem!

Rabbi Zitron gave an amazing class about "The four Exiles & the Exile in You" to our ladies on one of their thursday meetings.




One of the most special events at Beit Juhuro this month was the Brachot party. We said Brachot on different foods together, ate Pizza afterwards and enjoyed a class at the end. It was a great pleasure to see everyone! We hope to repeat this wonderful event in near future. 


Last chance to sign up for the Kavkaz trip, the registration is closing this week

SIGN UP NOW: https://www.beitjuhuro.com/trip





Everyone is invited to our Big Winter Shabbaton on December 20th!


 SIGN UP NOW: https://btjshabbat.eventbrite.com/ 





Have a good November!




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